A new feather in her cap is Neepabithi Music Academy. Her songs classes feature lessons on Adhunik, Folk, Rabindrasangeet, Regional and International songs, Hindi and English songs, and of course, voice training. Each class has special microphone practice, better communication development and personal grooming. Neepabithi personally takes group classes, and her batches include children, junior and adult sections. With two branches operating in South Kolkata and Durgapur, her new branch is in Salt Lake. All classes are fitted with ac, ,synthesizer, music system and microphone -mixer sets to ensure comfort and maximum productivity.


*Neepabithi has donned the hat of music director for some episodes of Panchatantrer Mantro, where her students are dubbing songs for various animated characters. Telecast at 12 noon IST on Sony 8 every Sun day.
*Neepabithi mesmerised audience with a solo concert of Rabindrasangeet on Rabindra Jayanti 2018 for Birati Friends club.
*Bengal Club welcomed members with a food fiesta on their lawn, accompanied by Western reto hits by Neepabithi and her musicians 10th January 2018.
*Neepabithi Ghosh: A theme wedding for a Bengali family settled in Singapore saw Neepabithi perform regional hits from all over India accompanied by talented dancers of Shailee Durgapur in P C Chandra Gardens in January 2018.
About Neepabithi Ghosh
A little girl is playing the piano. She is four years old – too little to reach the piano keys. She sits on her teacher’s laps, and is trying to read the first staff notations laid out before her.

Fast forward about ten years. She is playing the piano in front of the British piano examiner, little knowing that within a few months; she will be winning the gold medal from the Royal School of Music, London.

Meanwhile, she has been training in vocal music, as well; especially Rabindra Sangeet, and completes a degree course from the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.


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